Colby Reunion and Other Cool Things

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 227

We made it to a football game at the Stadium!

So, despite the fact that I have practically written a book not a blog, there are some awesome random pics and Kigali happenings that have been on my mind to publish!

First things first, I was super psyched to meet up with two other Colby 2013 grads! Allison spent three months in Kigali and overlapped with me for most of the time. JJ is originally from just outside of Kigali and recently returned home for a while. There is a restaurant in Kigali (the only Mexican food you will ever find) called Meze Fresh, and it’s owned by a Colby alum named Griffin! Naturally, we had to have our reunion there. Talk about a small world.

Colby in Rwanda

Allison, JJ, and me at Meze Fresh. Photo courtesy of Allison.

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 090

Traveling to our friend Adeline’s house at sunset. 🙂

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 261

Emily and I were walking through a mall one day when a humble but enthusiastic artist invited us to see his studio. If I had more $$ and more space in my bag I would have bought all of the paintings!

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 047

My partner in crime and running buddy Jean Marie. Also the best Kinyarwanda teacher. We ran five miles together, and as he ran along in Tevas he kept telling me to “increase speed” as I trudged up the hills of Gikondo.

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 197

Finally made it to the Kimironko market during my last week. Wal-Mart should take notes and learn a few lessons.

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 359

Our parish in Gikondo really understands how to be a local parish in a global Church.

Though I found much of the city infrastructure fascinating, nothing could match my anthropological and artistic curiosity for the gates of Kigali and elsewhere. All middle-class and higher families seem to protect their houses with the coolest gates. Given the genocide, its understandable that people want extra protection, however on a first impression I thought it was almost unfriendly! I never saw any gate repeat, so I began to wonder if it was a modern day equivalent to a coat of arms.

Gates of Kigali 001Gates of Kigali 002Gisenyi 047Gates of Kigali 003Gates of Kigali 004Last Day of School ENDA 035


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