TIA (This is Africa)

As a follow up to my “Oh that’s normal” article, Emily, Connor, and I also found many things while we were in Rwanda that simply made us laugh, throw up our hands, and exclaim, “THIS IS AFRICA!” It became a resignation of our American lifestyle, an acceptance of our African lifestyle, and just a way to appreciate the moment. Some were frustrating, others incredibly weird, and others were just hilarious. 

Last Day of School ENDA 004

LAUNDRY. Everything is a fiasco here, but this fiasco tops all. Suffice to say, we had a huge struggle trying to do laundry at the Centre, until we finally bought detergent and a clothes line and did laundry in the solitude of our rooms. For the full story, you’ll just have to ask me.

Gisenyi 036

Live electrical wires in the shower? Sure! Nta kibazo. (No problem.)

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 087

When we went to the hotel in Uganda, there was a tail from an animal just sitting in the walkway. What I want to know is who or what killed such a large animal in the middle of a hotel garden?

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 255

Hotels are all about killing animals. At the next hotel we found this nice little yard ornament.

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 276

For any foreigner other than an American, this would not actually be a problem. Let me pull out my calculator before I jump in the pool!

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 431

Have you gotten your daily dose of “vitamin?”

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 346

Remember, always drinks responsibly.

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 446

Wow, experts since 2010! That really sells me. Can’t wait to eat those mushrooms.

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 437

A real sign in a classroom. Let’s teach those kids how to use their utensiles when they eat.

Uganda and Stade Amahoro 428

There was a monkey at school in Kigali one day!!! The students reassured me that it was a “domestic monkey”– oh, phew, that makes it better!

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 023

Party at the rear end!! I really wish the sign maker could understand what this means…

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 021

Do the math

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 033

This is actually really resourceful: a fountain made out of a water dispenser

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 151

Porridge break! Part of the daily routine at school

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 124

You guard that beer dude

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 385

Shoot, I forgot to declare my chainsaw! (For the record I saw zero chainsaws in the entire country)

Nyamata and Last Rwanda Days 388

Its a little difficult to read, but the bullet points read as follows: [sic] Any one who has recently traveled to affected areas and has the following symptoms: – fever -headache, -joint and Muscle pain, – Sore throat, Weakness, – Diarrhoea, – Vomiting, Abdominal pain, – Skin rash and red eyes – and mainly bleeding from all body openings Or has been in close contact with a patient presenting Ebola symptoms or a person who has died from Ebola should immediately seek medical attention at the nearest health facility. I don’t know about you, but that last bullet point concerns me just a little bit more than any of the others! So, in case you are bleeding from everywhere, you should probably go to the hospital!



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